Streetcar had more than 18K passengers last weekend

Crowds from Bengals opener, MidPoint Music Fest
Streetcar had more than 18K passengers last weekend
Posted at 2:57 PM, Sep 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-27 14:57:33-04

CINCINNATI -- More than 18,000 people rode the streetcar last weekend, blowing the transit authority's fixed estimate out of the water, according to data from Metro spokeswoman Brandy Jones.

On Friday, the streetcar had 5,109 riders with a budgeted average weekday ridership of 3,000; on Saturday, 7,933 people rode the streetcar when 1,500 with a budgeted average of 1,500 for that day; Sunday's 4,964 riders beat the Sunday ridership estimate of 990.

Crowds in and around the city were due to the MidPoint Music Festival and the Bengals' season home opener at Paul Brown Stadium.

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During Oktoberfest weekend, the streetcar had more than 29,000 riders, according to transit authority data. The total was more than five times the number of streetcar rides projected for a normal weekend.

Rides during the streetcar's first week in service also topped projections; rides during opening weekend were free.

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