Tenants: Landlord won't fix unsafe conditions

Posted at 8:09 PM, Jan 20, 2016

CINCINNATI -- Tenants at one apartment building say they spend every day living in an unsafe environment, and they say their landlord won't do anything about it.

Ruda Bradford is one of those tenants at Garfield Commons on Elmore Street, in the city's South Cumminsville neighborhood.

"People fight all the time," Bradford said. "There is always shootings going on around this building. People have been found in the parking lot overdosed from heroin."

On a tour of the property, Bradford showed feces on doors, mold in elevators and fallen bricks.

"I just feel like it's dangerous, especially over there on the side where those bricks are falling. It could hit one of our kids in the head," she said.

But the biggest concern for her and other tenants is security, she said.

"This door, they broke down. This use to be a double door. They broke it down. You see the glass broke. It's open, but Section 8 pays for me to be in a secure building. That's not secure," Bradford said.

The building's front door was also unlocked. Tenants also shared photos of mice in the building.

According to Hamilton County property records and Bradford, Chris Collier is the building's manager. Bradford said he never answers his phone. No one answered 9 On Your Side's calls to the phone number listed on the building.

"I cry all the time because it's depressing," Bradford said.

Tenants said they may have to move if something isn't done quickly to improve conditions.