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Saturday evening storms bring fallen trees to Sayler Park, waterspout on Ohio River

Tree uprooted in Sayler Park
Posted at 2:58 PM, May 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-23 16:17:09-04

CINCINNATI — Two rounds of storms rolled through the Tri-State Saturday and strong winds brought some major damage to parts of Sayler Park.

The evening storms around the Tri-State produced severe weather warnings and flood advisories for multiple areas and counties. Luckily, the later storms into the overnight lessened in severity.

Though the earlier storms didn't produce a tornado, heavy winds brought down trees and scattered debris across Sayler Park along the Ohio River on the west side of Cincinnati.

Tree fallen in Sayler Park
A tree fallen in Sayler Park after a storm on Saturday.

One tree behind the home of Sayler Park resident Alex Parker was even uprooted.

Tree uprooted in Sayler Park
A home in Sayler Park had a tree uprooted after storms on Saturday.

"I walked right out back instantly thinking it was going to come onto the house, but it went the other way" Parker said. "The wind was blowing the other way."

The uprooting happened in a matter of seconds.

Parker described the ordeal as quite terrifying and thought it only last 10 second, "it felt like an eternity."

Another tree in the area that stood around 75 feet tall was also uprooted because of the high wind gusts.

Other than the damage to trees, there was also evidence of the storm on the Ohio River near Sayler Park.

Evan Gallagher took his boat out on the Ohio River and in return was welcomed with what appeared to be a weather phenomenon — a waterspout.

To break it down, a waterspout can be the water equivalent of a land tornado and often happens alongside severe thunderstorms with high winds. However, waterspouts are able to form without severe weather causing them. These fair weather waterspouts are far more common, and happen due to warm temperatures and high humidity in the lowest levels of the atmosphere.

You can watch Evan's video of the waterspout here:

Ohio River "gustnado" caught on camera during severe storms around Tri-State

Crews worked late into the evening cleaning up the trees and debris, even taking chainsaws to the fallen tree limbs.

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