Cranley on Steelers jersey: 'My skin is burning'

Posted at 5:27 PM, Jan 19, 2016

CINCINNATI -- Adding insult to injury (for a good cause): Mayor John Cranley put on a Pittsburgh Steelers jersey Tuesday to feed the homeless.

The mayor was making good on a friendly bet with Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto over the Jan. 9 Bengals-Steelers game. The bet was that the loser had to serve the homeless in the opposing team's jersey.

And as you might imagine, it didn't come easy for Cranley: "My skin is burning from this jersey," he said, "but I made a bet and I've got to keep my word."

Cranley served lunch at City Gospel Mission in Queensgate. At least some Cincinnati staples were on the menu -- Montgomery Inn, Gold Star Chili and, with help from Graeter's CEO Rich Graeter, some of Cincinnati's finest ice cream.

And at least one guy appreciated more than just the meal: "He looks great in that shirt, incredible. He's going to become a convert on the Steelers side, he's going to love it," Bill Teske said.

Cranley wasn't convinced, to say the least, and he predicted a home team turnaround.

"I believe the Bengals will be wearing a Super Bowl ring next year," he said, "and I think that Mayor Peduto will be wearing a Bengals jersey next year."