Woman: Uber driver assaulted me

Posted at 4:59 PM, Jan 18, 2016

CINCINNATI — Police are investigating after a woman said she was assaulted by her Uber driver.

According to an incident report filed with the Cincinnati Police Department, Jenn Prine, of Northside, said her Uber driver blocked the entryway to her home and refused to leave on January 3. The report states that the driver then tried to embrace Prine by wrapping his arms around her waist.

“Just relax,” the suspect told her, according to the report.

Prine repeatedly tried to free herself from the suspect’s grasp, during which time, the report states, the suspect attempted to lift up her shirt.

"I did nothing but say no to him from the first minute," she told WCPO. "Nothing out of my mouth was ever anything other than 'no.'

"He wasn't listening at all to me, I told him to leave maybe 50 times, and you know he wouldn't leave."

Upon the arrival of a neighbor, the suspect fled the scene on foot, according to police. "You're probably going to call the police," the suspect is reported to have said before leaving the scene.

CPD was still investigating the case Monday. Local Uber spokeswoman Lauren Altmin told WCPO the company is working with CPD as the investigation unfolds.

Altmin said the driver in question is no longer driving for Uber.