Freestore Foodbank gets hefty pork donation

Freestore Foodbank gets hefty pork donation
Posted at 7:01 AM, Mar 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-22 07:08:43-04

CINCINNATI -- It's one thing to say 3,000 pounds of pork are being donated to the Freestore Foodbank distribution center in Bond Hill, but another thing entirely to see the tower of boxes and imagine how many meals that could make. 

Bill Kolb, food sourcing manager for the Freestore Foodbank, says this ton-and-a-half shipment is part of the Ohio Pork Council's yearly donation.

After accepting the donation at 2 p.m. Tuesday, the Freestore Foodbank will immediately make the pork available to the more than 200 agencies covering the 20 counties it serves in southern Ohio, northern Kentucky and southeast Indiana.

Kolb says this shipment comes at a particularly good time. 

"Once we get past the first of the year, people tend to forget that they're hungry year-round, and that's one of our big challenges: to keep them fed year-round, so this is perfect timing," Kolb said. 

The Freestore Foodbank provides more than 20 million meals per year to people in need. If you're looking to give back to the community, visit their website for more information.