Encouraging billboard has tragic story

Posted at 8:35 PM, Feb 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-01 20:38:34-05

CINCINNATI –  Thousands of Tri-State motorists will pass a new billboard on Interstate 71 and wonder what's behind its message.

"Be Here Now"

Julie DiBiasi isn't trying to sell you anything. She's a young mother trying to turn the loss of a child into hope for others struggling in hard times.

"We see so much hardship in this world that it's important to remember that there is good," DiBlasi said.

"Do Things That Matter To Your Heart"

Eight months ago, DiBlasi endured a gut wrenching hardship of her own.

Her fourth daughter, Clare, was stillborn.

"After that, there was a lot of grief," she remembered.

"You're OK"

But her family was inspired by a friend who created a book of artistic encouragement helped them through their darkest hours.

The family came up with the "Clare Code."

"Our mission is  to give and to love and to show others in this world that there's good," she said.

"Make The World A Better Place"

The billboard - between the Smith-Edwards and Dana Avenue exits - carries five phrases of encouragement. Each one is an opportunity to make a difference in a world of hurt.

The billboard is scheduled to be up for about 30 days. But DiBlasi's family hopes that people will remember its message for a lot longer than that.

"It Is Possible"

You can read more about it on her Facebook page.