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Jared Drahman: Security officer honored for saving lives during Fifth Third Center shooting

Posted at 2:16 PM, Oct 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-01 14:17:13-04

CINCINNATI -- An unarmed security officer used his body to shield people as he ushered them to safety from a gunman who opened fire in the Fifth Third Center lobby. 

In one instance, Security Officer Jared Drahman helped a man who appeared to have fallen on the ground. He moves the man in front of him and gets him into hiding. Milliseconds later, the gunman walks by, gun drawn. He shoots through the glass because he didn't see Drahman and the man.

Chief Eliot Isaac presented Drahman with the Citizen Award Of Bravery Monday morning in a ceremony honoring the people who helped the victims of the Sept. 6 attack.


Isaac gave Drahman the award, he said, because Drahman acted “without regard to his own safety.”

“There is no doubt that without Security Officer Drahman’s actions there would have been additional victims during the incident,” he said. 

Isaac also gave the citizen’s award to Thomas Ritter, who was in the lobby at the time of the shooting near Dunkin’ Donuts. Ritter watched the entranced and pulled people who came into the building behind the display case.

Isaac awarded 21 other people, including police officers, first responders and a dispatcher who helped saved lives the day of the shooting.