Hundreds ride in honor of fallen Cincinnati police officer Sonny Kim

Posted at 7:56 PM, Jun 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-10 19:58:02-04

CINCINNATI -- Hundreds of bikers and police officers cruised through Cincinnati streets Saturday in honor of fallen police officer Sonny Kim.

Kim was killed two years ago in the line of duty when he was shot in an ambush in Madisonville.

Kim, 48 and a 27-year veteran of Cincinnati’s police force, was lured to the corner of Whetsel Avenue and Roe Street by a report of a man "walking around, getting belligerent with a gun."

The man who shot Kim, 21-year-old TrePierre Hummons, made that call himself, police said following the shooting.

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Organizers said nearly 300 people rode through Norwoord and Cincinnati Saturday in Kim's second annual memorial ride.  

Duyane Ernst, Shield Clermont vice president, said the event was about remembering Kim’s devotion to the community.

“Anybody that's protecting the community or this country, I mean, that's what this ride's about, and that's what we're all here for,” Ernst said.

The ride also raised money for Kim’s charity, which supports police officers.

“Sonny’s wife, you know, she didn't want it to be just about Sonny, she wanted it to be about all officers,” Ernst said.

Rich Brown, from Cincinnati Hog Chapter 1872, said the support for Kim was “overwhelming.”

“To have people support what you're doing and to honor Sonny in such a way … the emotion just gets to you while you're out there.”

Ernst said the ride also brought a sense of togetherness for those who watched and participated. 

“As we're riding along we're seeing people salute us, we're seeing people waving flags and it just shows the unity in this country and in this community,” Ernst said.