Houston, I Have a Problem: Postal Service pays for artist's damaged portrait after WCPO steps in

CINCINNATI -- Brent Naughton is a full-time artist who sells his work online, making him responsible for production, quality assurance and customer service for his small business.

His intricate pieces -- many of them realistic portraits of clients or famous athletes -- take patience, care and precision to get just right.

Which is why Naughton was devastated to learn one of his commissioned portraits had arrived in Connecticut bent dramatically out of shape.

The client couldn't give it as a Christmas gift as intended, and Naughton said he spent weeks making a replacement. The original package was insured, he said, but he learned shortly afterward the United States Postal Service had denied his $500 claim for the damaged painting.

"We're a small business, and every dime counts," Naughton said. "I feel if I paid for a service -- the insurance -- then they should live up to their bargain. I just want answers."

The story had a happy ending right after WCPO's first package about Naughton's plight aired: The Postal Service reviewed and ultimately honored his claim, helping him recoup the cost of the damaged painting and the man-hours he put into creating it.

"You accomplished more in two days than I could in two months," he wrote in a message to anchor Ryan Houston.

That's what we're here for!

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