DuBose family sues ex-UC cop for fatal shooting

Posted at 5:52 PM, Feb 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-12 17:55:23-05

CINCINNATI — The family of the man shot and killed during a traffic stop in Mt. Auburn last summer has filed a civil suit against the former UC officer charged with his murder.

The family of Sam DuBose, shot and killed by ex-UC officer Ray Tensing on July 19, filed the civil suit in U.S. District Court Friday.

The suit accuses Tensing of excessive force, wrongful death, and assault and battery, and seeks compensatory damages, attorney’s and court costs as well as any further restitution the court might deem appropriate.

“As a direct result…of Samuel DuBose’s wrongful death, Mr. DuBose’s survivors, next of kin and/or heirs have suffered permanent damages, including but not limited to, grief, depression, and severe emotional distress,” the suit alleges. “They have lost economic and emotional support, incurred funeral bills and other expenses and will incur additional expenses and losses in the future.”

In January, the DuBose family settled with the university for $4.85 million plus free tuition for DuBose’s 12 children.