District 3 officers offer to share HQ with District 5 officers over health concerns

District 3 officers offer to share HQ with District 5 officers over health concerns
Posted at 2:22 PM, Jan 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-16 14:22:07-05

CINCINNATI -- In response to employees' concerns about health issues connected to the police District 5 building, a group of District 3 officers has offered to share their headquarters with District 5 employees.

In a letter tweeted by an officer Monday, several dozen officers from District 3 signed to "express [their] support and concern for [their] fellow officers who work in District 5."

District 5 employees have complained about problems with their building, with reports of issues like bugs, mold and asbestos. One sign stated that 13 people "got cancer at D5."

"I would refuse to work in this building," City Councilmember Wendell Young said after touring the building in December.

The group of District 3 employees wrote in their letter that they "felt the need to show [their] support … in their efforts to seek a safe and healthy working environment."

They also offered to share their facilities with the District 5 employees, "should that be a viable option." District 3 headquarters moved to a new $15 million building in Westwood in 2015.

The city sent contractors to District 5 headquarters to do mold and radon testing last month and previously had an asbestos survey done, according to a memo to the mayor and council from City Manager Harry Black. They found the air quality in the building "typical for commercial buildings."

"No conditions were found that would be expected to cause health concerns," Black wrote. "No conditions were found that exceed regulators limits or industry standards."