Cincinnati police move into new District 3 headquaters in Westwood

CINCINNATI -- Police officers on the city's West Side officially have a new home as of Wednesday night, moving out of their historic but cramped quarters on Warsaw Avenue to a new station on Ferguson Road.

The old District 3 station in East Price Hill was built in 1907, and the department had outgrown it long ago. The new state-of-the-art $15 million building in Westwood -- the city's largest neighborhood -- doubles the district's office space to 39,000 square feet.

An active group of community members from District 3 helped pick public art for the building; etched windows and columns are designed to reflect the 14 neighborhoods on the West Side.

But even before the design, the city also asked neighbors for their input on where the new police station should go. People on the West Side helped narrow down the choices to a few sites that they thought would work best.

Neighbors from around Police District 3  got tours of the new building, which is LEED Platinum and Net Zero Energy, so it will create as much energy as it uses. Because of an energy-efficient design, the city said it will use about half the power that a police station of similar size typically uses.

The station also got $20,000 in new fitness equipment, a gift from the new Cincinnati Police Foundation.

The new District 3 building will house nearly 200 uniform and civilian police department employees. From groundbreaking to completion, work took about 21 months. Emersion Design designed the building, and Messer Construction built it. CMTA Engineering, Human Nature Landscape Design, Strand Associates, and Genesis Design were also part of the project team.

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