Deters: Dad charged with murder says he didn't shoot Walnut Hills driver, knows who did

Deters: Dad didn't shoot Walnut Hills driver
Posted at 3:56 PM, Apr 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-07 07:48:28-04

CINCINNATI -- The father accused of killing a driver who hit his son with a car admitted to beating the man, but told authorities someone else executed him, according to Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters.

Jamall Killings is facing a murder charge in the death of Jamie Urton, who hit Killings' 4-year-old son with his car in Walnut Hills on March 24, according to police.

Deters told WCPO Thursday it is Killings who can be heard on a 911 recording, telling the boy that he killed the man who hit him.

"I don't think he knew he was being recorded, because the line was open and I don't know whose phone it was," Deters said. "It could have been (Urton) who called 911."

Deters said Killings admitted to pulling Urton from the car and beating him, and told authorities who shot Urton, though Deters didn't say who Killings named as the shooting.

Police have also charged another man, Deonte Baber, in Urton's death.

"We have a minor traffic accident, and the guy gets pulled out of his car, beaten senseless, and another guy comes out of his house and executes him," Deters said.

Deters also said the collision "was clearly not the driver's fault." He said the boy had jumped out from behind two cars.

"He slams on the breaks, barely hits the kid," Deters said.

Killings turned himself in to police this week and pleaded not guilty to the murder charge in court Wednesday.

Deters said Killings is still charged with murder because he "clearly participated in" Urton's death. 

"He was part of it," Deters said. "Let's see if he can beat it or not."

The case will go to a grand jury April 14.

Police are still looking for Baber. They asked anyone with information to call the Criminal Investigative Section at 513-352-3542 or Crimestoppers at 513-352-3040.

WCPO's Tanya O'Rourke contributed to this report.