Dancers donate dress-up closet to Salvation Army Women's Shelter

CINCINNATI -- Ribbons, sequins and tutus have the power to turn Tricia Schaefer's young dance students into princesses and prima ballerinas. By donating some of their old costumes to the Salvation Army Women's Shelter, those students hope they can pass on the same magical feeling to children whose daily lives might not include a lot of it.

"We know how those shoes and costumes make us feel when we put them on for 10 minutes to go onstage, so we were trying to pass that feeling on to some kids who may not get that opportunity," Schaefer said.

Tricia's Tappers and Twirlers filled a handmade closet at the shelter with outfits and accessories for imaginative little girls who might find themselves staying there: Feather boas, tutus, tap shoes, ballet slippers and more.

"If I was here, I would have a ton of fun with it," dancer Larissa Frey said. "So I hope they have a total blast trying on everything."

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