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Do you know what CUF stands for? Neither do some of the people who live there

Posted: 12:12 AM, Jun 20, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-20 05:18:06Z

CINCINNATI -- Is CUF enough? The neighborhood comprising Clifton Heights, University Heights and Fairview went through another identity crisis Tuesday night as residents met to discuss a plan for making their home stand out.

That plan might include ditching its 30-year-old acronym of a name.

"Everybody I speak to calls it Clifton," resident Ashley Campbell said. "I don't even know what CUF stands for."

The meeting at Hughes High School produced several possible alternatives, some more serious than others. Clifton McCliftonFace -- a real suggestion -- is unlikely to make it far.

When it came to serious contenders, attendees disagreed whether they should work to distinguish their home from popular neighboring Clifton by picking a name such as Central Boot or City North or whether they ought to lean into their close proximity by rebranding as Clifton Heights.

Most, however, were ready for a change.

"(CUF) doesn't actually mean anything in and of itself," resident Jules Rosen said. "It's an acronym, but it's not an acronym that gives location like Over-the-Rhine. It's just three communities smushed together."

Another resident, Maureen France, defended the CUF moniker and said the confusion stems more from a failure to promote than an innate failure of CUF as a name.

"I'd love to see the energy and time to just try and promote CUF," she said. "It's a long-standing name for at least 30 years."

Nothing became official Tuesday night. Resident will meet again July 17 to discuss the future of the CUF name -- and maybe give Cliftony McCliftonFace another chance.