Shot woman lives in fear after case dropped

Posted at 1:22 AM, Sep 30, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-30 01:22:02-04

CINCINNATI -- Nina Brumfield is hiding from her own family.

She was shot in February through the kitchen window of her Fairview home, the bullet narrowly missing her spine and heart. Brumfield was pregnant at the time; a few weeks later, she lost the baby she was carrying.

Her children, ages 1 and 5, were just a few feet away when their mother was shot.

Nobody has been charged.

Almost immediately after the shooting, police looked at Brumfield's stepdaughter, Maliyah Houseworth, as the prime suspect.  Brumfield’s husband, Tom Galloway, said shortly after the shooting that his wife and daughter had been arguing for a while before Brumfield was shot.

"But they were best of friends just like a daughter and stepmother would be," he said in February. "They started arguing and my daughter started sending texts telling her (Brumfield) she was going to get my wife."

"She started sending emojis, little pictures of guns saying 'I'm going to get you.'"

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The argument between Brumfield and her daughter may have been about money, but according to Galloway, the disagreement likely reached a deeper root.

But this summer, a grand jury declined to indict Houseworth on charges of aggravated menacing and retaliation.

According to the Cincinnati Police Detective Tracy Jones, the grand jury found there wasn't enough evidence to pursue a case against Houseworth.

Brumfield said she's got nowhere to turn.

"My life is in danger, my kids' life is in danger," Brumfield said. "I'm tired of living in fear. I can't sleep at night because somebody's going to come through my house. I think bullets are going to fly through my house."

Because there was only circumstantial evidence, Jones said, the case is closed -- but if anyone has more information, police will open it again.

Brumfield said she gave police everything she had.