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Crews still working to clear snow, ice from Cincinnati's side streets

Posted at 9:39 PM, Feb 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-17 11:12:44-05

CINCINNATI — After Monday’s snowfall, plowing continues day and night by city and state trucks. Their main focus has been clearing ice and snow from busy streets and major highways, but some Cincinnati side streets are still iced over.

While main thoroughfares like Madison Road in Oakley are passable, its side streets like Drakewood Drive are hard to get through. With another weather event in the forecast, those conditions could get worse.

Rachel Curran said her daily walks this past week have become something of an obstacle course.

“It’s very icy underneath and uneven because people have walked on it so much,” she said.

And with another weather event coming Wednesday night, Curran and her neighbors are a little concerned.

“I guess it depends on how bad it is, but it doesn't help to pile onto what we already have,” said Laura Harrah of Oakley.

And it’s not just walkers struggling in the neighborhood -- drivers traversing residential streets are finding them still covered in snow and ice.

“This is one of the more difficult ones. Anytime you are dealing with ice and a significant snowfall, of course it's going to take more time," said Jarrod Bolden, Cincinnati’s traffic and road operations superintendent.

Bolden's drivers have been working non-stop to plow through the snow and ice, and he said their first priorities are the city’s main drags.

“We have to make sure the hospital routes are open so emergency vehicles can get in and out,” he said. “Trust (that) side streets, residential streets are very important to us, too. Part of our department also collects trash, so we have to try to help them get down those residential streets."

Another problem, Bolden said, is that some contractors have been plowing the snow from private sidewalks and parking lots back into the clear city streets, which is dangerous for drivers.

He also asked that residents be patient, that city crews and salt deliveries have not stopped as plows work to clear all Cincinnati streets.

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