City has plan for temporary District 5 police headquarters

City has plan for temporary District 5 police headquarters
Posted at 4:46 PM, Sep 29, 2017

CINCINNATI -- City officials have a temporary plan in place to get police department employees out of the District 5 headquarters, which some police say has been behind an unusual number of cancer cases in people who worked there.

District 5 employees working administrative assignments will be moved to the Spinney Field training complex by Oct. 31, according to a memo from Police Chief Eliot Isaac. Patrol officers will remain at the Ludlow Avenue District 5 building.

However, police need the Spinney Field space for normal training functions, so District 5 employees moved there will later be moved to a pair of Colerain Avenue buildings the city plans to lease for two years, according to Isaac's memo. 

District 5 police have voiced concerns about conditions at the Ludlow Avenue headquarters and raised questions about the number of police officers who have worked there and died from cancer. 

In the long term, the department still plans to move District 5 headquarters to the former Permit Center at 3300 Central Parkway, as officials had discussed near the beginning of this year. City officials have begun working with outside vendors for needed renovations, Isaac wrote.

Officials expect the renovations to be finished in 2019.