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Baby giraffe born at Cincinnati Zoo, and another arrives in just months

16 giraffes born at Cincinnati Zoo so far
Zoo baby giraffe
Cincinnati Zoo Giraffe
Posted at 11:13 AM, Jun 17, 2019

CINCINNATI -- Two Cincinnati Zoo giraffes welcomed a little one into the world Monday — this little one happens to be six feet tall.

Tessa, 12, delivered a calf at 2 a.m. after about one hour of labor, zoo officials said.

“Tessa is our super mom,” said Christina Gorsuch, curator of mammals. “She and baby are doing well and bonding behind the scenes at Giraffe Ridge.”

The father, 11-year-old Kimba, will be reunited with the full group of giraffes within a week. The calf makes baby No. 6 for Kimba.

This is the 16th giraffe born at the Cincinnati Zoo since 1889, according to the zoo. The baby’s sex has not been determined.

Cincinnati Zoo Giraffe

A 17th baby giraffe isn’t far behind. Another giraffe, 8-year-old Cece, is due to have her second calf in November.

Calves are born after about 15 months of gestation and drop to the ground head first. While the fall doesn’t hurt the calf, zoo officials prepare for the birth by adding 6-8 inches of sawdust to the mom’s indoor habitat.

The zoo will keep guests informed about when the new family will be in their outdoor habitat.