Only surgery can save his dream of serving in the Marines

Posted at 10:22 PM, May 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-18 22:22:39-04

ANDERSON TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- Brandon Frederick has dreamed of being a United States Marine since he was four years old, but a medical complication put that dream on indefinite hold this year.

Frederick’s eyesight is the issue -- according to a letter sent from the United States Department of the Navy, it doesn’t meet established physical standards for military service.

“I would become a liability in the battlefield if I ever did happen to lose my glasses,” he said. 

His only hope to make his dream a reality is to get lasik surgery to correct his vision, but that operation comes with a steep price tag. Even with his insurance helping out, he and his family will be on the hook for $3,600.

“Brandon unfortunately needs the most extensive (treatment) because of how bad his vision is,” said his mother, Rose Frederick. “I wish I could just swipe a card, write a check or hand him the cash. Unfortunately, it’s just not feasible for me to do.”

The Frederick family is hoping that donations from others will help Brandon’s dream come true. If you would like to contribute, you can do so at the family’s GoFundMe page.