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Hamilton city leaders consider strategies to address parking needs amid growth

Posted at 7:27 PM, Aug 29, 2023

HAMILTON, Ohio — The City of Hamilton is considering different solutions to ongoing parking issues as more and more businesses and housing options open.

"I mean, as long as I've lived in Hamilton, parking has always been a problem," said lifelong Hamilton resident Brandi.

The city said one of its problems is drivers parking in one spot on or near Main Street for days at a time. And Hamilton grows, it's trying to address this.

Census data shows Hamilton's population grew by 1.5% between 2010 and 2020. It went from a population of nearly 62,500 in 2010 to roughly 63,4000 people in 2020. Plus, with the new Spooky Nook Sports Facility nearby, people from out of town are visiting.

"There's big sports tournaments and stuff going on over there and, I mean, these streets are filled," said Tyler Calvert, a manager for Pet Needs on Main Street.

The city said it is pursuing multiple solutions to parking problems. Officials said they have agreements with some nearby parking lot owners to allow for free public parking at certain times of the day.

Hamilton also installed parking meters on Main Street earlier this summer and plans to add a parking lot with 52 more parking spots. The city said this will be across the street from the new Rossville Flats and next to a planned Agave and Rye location.

City officials said they're still working to determine the best way to stop people from using it and other spots in the area as long-term parking.

"We want to make sure that we have either paid parking or we have timed parking, just something that will continue that turnover," said Maddie Watkins, public communications specialist for the city.

Watkins said Hamilton is gathering feedback right now.

Some who live and work in Hamilton have mixed reviews.

"It's really inconvenient if you have to come up with money or put your credit card in for a parking meter just to run into a store," said Brandi Smith, who lives and works in Hamilton.

Calvert, though, said customers used to come into Pet Needs often complaining about finding parking, but since the meters were installed, things have been better.

"It helps speed up people parking and moving and allowing customers to come in," said Calvert.

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