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Does it sound like a broken record... we are breaking a record high today

The underlying trend in all this heat
Posted at 6:17 AM, Oct 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-01 06:17:27-04

It's happening again today. We will set another record high temperature. Today's forecast high is 94. The record for October 1 from 1927 is 88 degrees.

On top of that, we could also set the all time record high for the month of October. That highest temperature was from 2007 at 91 degrees. It's likely this will be beat today too.

Let's look at the other records set in the last week:

  • September 27 - Record high of 91
  • September 28 - Record high of 93
  • September 30 - Record high of 94
  • September average temperature ends as 2nd hottest on record

With today's record high and another one tomorrow, it just makes you do a double take.

And it should get your attention. The number of daily record highs being broken outweighs the number or daily record lows we see in any given year.

This type of data is tracked by meteorologists and this graphic, seen below, by Climate Central really paints a clearer picture of what we've been experiencing.

Data from Climate Central

What does this graphic say?

First of all, let's talk about the Y-axis scale. It shows the percentage of records by decade. For example, when the orange bar is at 80% and the blue bar is at 20%, that means there were four times more record highs than record lows in Cincinnati during that decade. The X-axis is the timeline of records starting in the late 1800s to 2018.

The picture being painted in this data is brushed with sharp, crisp edges over the last 2 decades. You can see that our percentage of heat records far outweighs the cold records. In the last decade, more than 80 percent of our records were heat records.