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Colerain Township warns of gas aggregate scammers with new PSA

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Posted at 12:28 PM, May 18, 2022

COLERAIN TOWNSHIP, Ohio — Colerain Township is warning residents about scammers in the neighborhood.

The township put out a video that warned residents about gas aggregate scammers.

Colerain is searching for a new gas aggregate, which means some residents may not have a gas aggregation company until fall — and the township wants to warn about possible scammers before it's too late.

The PSA shows a woman answering the door, while a scammer tells her he's from Duke Energy. From there, Colerain Township Police Sgt. Jamie Penley explains the differences between real and fake representatives.

"A real gas aggregate representative won't show up at your door," Sgt. Penley said.

A gas aggregate is a person or organization that buys in a group to possibly get better deals for its members.

The PSA also warned against giving out your account number, paying in pre-paid cards, talking to someone without asking for their identification and being threatened to have services cut off.

If you think there is a gas aggregate scammer in your Colerain Township neighborhood, call 513-321-COPS.

Watch Colerain Township's PSA video:

Colerain Township PSA

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