Fire Chief: Over a dozen students treated for heat-related illnesses at Goshen band competition

Posted at 11:07 PM, Sep 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-25 05:47:36-04

GOSHEN, Ohio -- The scorching sun paired with heavy uniforms made more than a dozen students sick at a high school marching band competition.

Seven different agencies evaluated 13 students for heat-related illnesses Saturday afternoon at Goshen High School’s marching band competition, according to Goshen Township Fire Chief Steve Pegram.

First responders transported five students to the hospital, but they are all expected to recover, Pegram said. 

“One of the bands had been outside for a long period time practicing, then went out on the field to do their presentation and they were walking back over to the high school, several of the students started getting overcome with heat-related illness,” Pegram said.

The competition, which featured 12 of the Tri-State’s best, was postponed for two hours due to the excessive heat.

"We did suspend everything for two hours, that's going to allow the sun to go down, get everybody inside in the air conditioning, get everybody hydrated, cooled off,” Pegram said.

Other precautions were in place; several water stations were set up for the students.

Loveland High School senior Sophia Sperry said the field was “blazing hot” by 2 p.m., but she didn’t let the heat get to her.

“Definitely a lot of water breaks, especially since the heat came up so quickly, we're definitely having to take a lot of breaks for hydration,” Sperry said.

Pegram requested bands not wear long sleeves or heavy jackets in an effort to keep students cool.