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American Red Cross opens emergency shelter in Alexandria for those forced out by floodwaters

Posted at 4:42 PM, Feb 23, 2018

ALEXANDRIA, Ky. -- The American Red Cross has opened an emergency shelter for those who have been forced out of their homes due to flooding. 

The shelter, located at the Alexandria Community Center, will be primarily utilized by those who live in the river communities of Silver Grove and Melbourne until water levels recede. 

Monitoring stations show the river has pushed into moderate flood stage at over 56 feet. Predictions show the river climbing to an estimated crest of 59.4 feet by Tuesday. 

Employees in Dayton, Kentucky installed a flood gate across Route 8 on the east end of the city. 

Dayton Public Works Superintendent Rick Lucas said erecting the flood gate is a lengthy process. 

“With our crew and the help of Campbell County RCC it will probably take us about 20 hours to get it all up and done,” Lucas said. 

Ohio River water would reach the gate at 62 feet -- 10 feet over flood stage -- but it was designed to handle the river as high as 82 feet. 

“We’re in trouble if it goes 82 feet,” Lucas said. “That was the ‘37 flood was 80 feet and this is designed to up to 80 to 82 feet.”

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Students from the Dayton Independent School District traveled to Silver Grove Friday to help prepare for flooding. Students helped move equipment and computers from schools.

In Covington, the majority of Riverside Drive was underwater Friday with water lapping at several properties. Longtime resident Chas Brannen surveyed the scene and marveled at the water’s power.   

“It crossed the street at 54 (feet) a couple of days ago, and now it’s at 57 and it’s just about to creep up into the park here,” Brannen said.