Ohio River flooding: River crests at 60.5 Sunday night

The Ohio River crested at 60.5 feet Sunday evening, according to the National Weather Service. 

Although the Ohio River's floodwaters initially crested and started receding Tuesday night, heavy rains throughout the week had river levels climbing once more. 

Current river levels make the flooding the worst Greater Cincinnati has seen since March 5, 1997, when the river hit 64.7 feet.

On Friday morning, crews in Covington, Kentucky, were out installing floodgates on 16th Street near the Licking River levee and on Bakewell Street near the Ohio River. They already installed the Madison Street floodgate earlier this week.

Here are the issues that the National Weather Service says come up as the river rises:

56.5 feet: Significant flooding of California occurs. Backwater flooding along the Little Miami River affects basements and some first level flooding of businesses and homes, with low-lying areas from California to Newtown also experiencing this flooding. The East End experiences flooding of some streets, basements of homes and businesses, as well as low-lying areas near New Richmond in Clermont County. State Route 8 in Kentucky is flooded in low areas, as well as state Route 56 in Indiana and U.S. Route 52 in Ohio.

57 feet: Flooding surrounds homes between U.S. Route 52 and the river in East End, California and areas of Anderson Township. Backwater flooding along the Little Miami and Nine Mile Creek surrounds low-lying homes and businesses in Pierce Township. Water also encroaches on homes in New Richmond. Ludlow and Bromley in Kentucky become flooded in low areas, as well as Aurora, Indiana, along Judiciary and Water Streets. Portions of Route 52 in Ohio, state Route 56 in Indiana, and state Route 8 in Kentucky are flooded.

58 feet: Numerous homes and businesses are either surrounded by water, water in basements or on main levels. Backwater flooding occurs along the Little Miami, flooding low-lying streets and properties. East End, California, New Richmond, Bromley, Ludlow, and Aurora and areas near Lawrenceburg outside the floodwall are most impacted. Buildings at Coney Island flood. The area around Freeman Avenue and along Mehring Way floods, as well as between Gest and Elm on Pete Rose Way.

59 feet: Much of state Route 52 is flooded from Cincinnati to New Richmond. Significant flooding occurs in California, Ohio, with several roads, Coney Island and Riverbend Music Theater mostly underwater. Backwater flooding affects many roads in Anderson Township. Several low roads in the East End are also flooded. Portions of state Route 8 in northern Kentucky become flooded, as well as portions of Lawrenceburg and Aurora, Indiana. Basement flooding of low-lying homes and businesses is widespread.

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