Stabbed man's 911 call: 'I'm bleeding to death'

Posted at 6:10 PM, Jan 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-05 06:38:42-05

OXFORD, Ohio – With his dying breaths,  a man stabbed in the chest pleads with a  911 dispatcher to send help.

"Hurry," he begs. Nine times.

Dennis Hubbard, 56, can feel the life being sucked out of him.

"I've been stabbed by a knife. I'm bleeding to death right now. Truly, I'm going out right now. Please hurry," Hubbard says.

The 911 dispatcher, reeling from an emotional punch, replies: "OK. Stay on the phone with me."

Three minutes after Hubbard's first call comes though, police arrive at the door of a trailer home where he was visiting. They call him to come out. Hubbard doesn't respond, and the 911 call cuts off.

It was too late to save him. Hubbard died at the hospital, police said. decided that the 911 call is too disturbing to put online,  so we're excerpting the text of the call.

The drama in the trailer park on College Corner Pike Sunday night probably began with a dispute over drugs, police said. Besides stabbing Hubbard, a man beat up a 72-year-old woman who lived in the trailer, police said.

The injured woman, who was in a wheelchair,  went next door screaming for help, said neighbor Molly Penn.

"My dogs heard the noise so we ran out to see what was going on and here she was screaming and yelling somebody was trying to kill her," Penn said.

A couple of factors delayed the first responders from reaching Hubbard. For one thing, he didn''t know the address. He told the dispatcher the woman's name and the dispatcher had to ask more questions to get his location. He finally identified the trailer by saying it's the one with his yellow truck parked out front – at the end of the park.

The first 50 seconds were wasted before the dispatcher who originally took Penn's call realized he was  in Oxford and transferred him to Oxford 911.

That's where we pick up the call.

Hubbard's  pain is increasing.  He  groans and struggles to breathe.

Hubbard:  "(Groans) Hurry! (Heavy breathing)"

Dispatcher: "Do you know who stabbed you?"

Hubbard: "Ahhh. No. I can't. Hurry. Hurry."

Dispatcher: OK, hold on just a minute. I'm going to put … "

He interrupts her.

Hubbard: "Hurry. Please, Hurry. (Heavy breathing; Clears his throat) Hurry."

Dispatcher: "OK, are you there?"

Hubbard: (Groans) "Yeah."

Dispatcher: "They're on their way."

Hubbard: "Hurry."

Dispatcher: "Do you know who stabbed you?"

Hubbard: "I can't talk right now. Please hurry."

Dispatcher: "OK."

Hubbard's groan turns faint.

Dispatcher: "Are you still there? Sir?"

More groans.

Dispatcher: "Is an officer there?"

Hubbard: "No."

Police arrive. You don't hear Hubbard anymore.

Phillip Zink, 41, was arrested on burglary charges. Charges in Hubbard's death are expected to be filed Tuesday.