PD: Middletown man charged with shooting, killing wife during argument

PD: Middletown man kills wife during argument
Posted at 9:12 PM, Dec 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-19 12:47:08-05

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio -- A Middletown man could face 15 years to life on murder charges after police say he shot and killed his wife Saturday during an argument, according to a release from the Middletown Police Department.

Police accused Greg Orona Jr. of shooting his wife, 42-year-old Cassie Sanders, in the chest with a shotgun around 8 a.m. Saturday at their home on Wilbraham Road.

The incident occurred after police say Orona and his wife had been arguing Friday night and into the morning. There were six people inside the home at the time of the shooting, and police said by talking to those individuals, they determined that the couple had a history with domestic issues.

Orona was booked into the Middletown City Jail and appear in court Monday for arraignment. A judge set his bond at $500,000 and set a preliminary hearing for Dec. 27.

In court Monday, Orona shook his head multiple times, saying the state's account of what happened wasn't accurate. Orona became combative with the judge, saying he wanted to ask a question, but the judge directed his questions to a lawyer. Orona screamed expletives as was escorted from the courtroom.

WCPO interviewed Orona in September when he struck and killed a neighbor's dog as it attacked his 12-week-old puppy Scout. Orona said the neighbor's dog came running into his backyard and bit and shook Scout by the neck. Orona said he grabbed a pole and hit the dog. Scout's neck swelled up, and he died after visiting a veterinarian. 

Watch that September interview with Orona in the player below.