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Grinch steals lights from Middletown Christmas display

Who'd do such a thing? For now, it's hard to say
Posted at 2:39 PM, Nov 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-28 19:02:44-05

The lights at Smith Park go up every year
It's a drive-through display to spread Christmas cheer.
Barney Strassburger and the rest of the Grandpa Gang
give Light Up Middletown its pizzazz, shine and bang.

It opens at Thanksgiving to families far and wide -
to enjoy it, they just hop in their cars for a ride.
Gliding under all the twinkling lights,
it's one of Middletown's favorite holiday delights.

But lately, some Grinches have ruined the fun -
Vandals tripped fuses and are now on the run.

They stole some bulbs, too - Repairs took four hours of work!
The Grandpa Gang made it right again, no thanks to those jerks.

Monday night on Facebook, the town had a plea:
Call police if you spot any suspicious activity.

The chief warned he'd send out some extra patrols - 
more cops, you see, to nab fun-spoiling trolls.
If they catch you, they'll cuff you! You'll end up in jail!
(Instead of presents, you'll waste Christmas cash on bail.)

But there's a warm message from Middletown PD -
(they don't want to punish folks who are genuinely needy):
If you're so desperate you'd steal from a Christmas display,
stop at the police station for help - they may even pay.

Light Up Middletown opens daily at dark.
Donate cash to get in - the money funds city parks.
There's no set price. You decide what you pay.
The average is $2, organizers say.

And to any mean, green Grinches who'd dare ruin this for all, 
We have a question: Is your heart two sizes too small?
If so, please take a lesson from a girl who was 2
(we're talking, of course, about Little CindyLou Who):
Christmas is for giving, not taking, and being with those near and dear.
Now stop stealing lights and have a crime-free New Year.