School officer describes moments after shooting

Posted at 5:52 PM, Mar 09, 2016

MADISON TOWNSHIP, Ohio – Madison High School’s school resource officer described how he rushed to help when a student opened fire at the school last week.

When Deputy Kent Hall heard the shots, he drew his weapon and ran toward the source in the cafeteria.

“First thing that I knew wasn’t right was hearing ‘pop pop pop,’” Hall said. “It was very distinct, and I knew right away what it was.”

In the cafeteria, Hall saw students on the floor and a possible suspect run out of the school toward the parking lot. Investigators said that was 14-year-old Austin Hancock.

School staff members were already helping the injured students. Hall took off after the suspect.

The teen was running. Hall got into his car and tried to cut him off.

“I just turned 50 … and he was on a dead sprint, so the chances of me catching up to him at my age, and with all this equipment [were not good], so my best option was to get into the car and try to head him off,” Hall said.

Hancock dropped the gun at the top of a nearby hill and ran into the woods, where he later gave himself up, prosecutors said.

Hall wouldn’t call himself a hero, but his 21-year-old son, Thomas Hall, said he looks up to his dad like one.

"I've always been proud to call him my dad,” Thomas Halls said.

Hancock is facing two charges of attempted murder. He’s due back in court in April, when the Butler County prosecutor will say if he wants to try Hancock as an adult.