Mother of homicide victim calls for 'random acts of kindness' year after unsolved killing

CJ Sandle killed a year ago

HAMILTON, Ohio -- It's been one year since someone broke into CJ Sandle's Hamilton home and shot him as he slept.

Instead of wallowing in grief, his mother has called for a day of "random acts of kindness."

Sandle was killed in his Millvale Avenue home just days after he turned 20.

"I don't for one second believe that somebody out there doesn't know who did this," his mother, Rebecca Sandle, said.

She and CJ's young sister were asleep that night until they heard gunshots and screams.

"Do I feel like some of those people who consider themselves friends -- and I use that term loosely -- do I feel like they know something? Yes. Yes, I do," Rebecca Sandle said.

She described CJ as a gentle giant and protective big brother. That's where she got the idea for a day of "random acts of kindness."

"Whether it be buying somebody's coffee or anything, holding someone's car door open and just letting someone know, 'Hey, we did this in memory of CJ Sandle, he lost his life a year ago,'" Rebecca Sandle suggested.

Hamilton police said there are two detectives assigned to the case, one of them working on it almost every day. There's also a $10,000 reward for information. But it's still unsolved.

"These kids have this mentality of 'no snitching' and that's just ridiculous," Rebecca Sandle said. "He's not a stolen car. He's a person. He's somebody's child."

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