Soggy weather can't keep Kyler's supporters away

Posted at 6:11 PM, Jan 08, 2016

FAIRFIELD TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- Soggy weather couldn't keep Kyler Bradley's supporters away. The 10-year-old boy, battling the same type of brain cancer that claimed Lauren Hill's life, was released from the hospital Friday.

Kyler got a ride home in a Fairfield Township Fire Department truck, along with a police escort. His supporters lined the streets near his house.

"I think he was amazed to see everybody," his mother, Rebecca Bradley, said. "And to see him wave to everybody was just unbelievable. I mean, he's not the same kid that went in, but he is definitely an unbelievable kid coming out."

The cancer has attacked Kyler's brain stems, weakening his nervous system and putting him in a wheelchair. His family pushed to get him home as soon as possible so that they can give him the best quality of life.

His mom said Kyler will be getting out and about as he fights for his life and his family keeps hoping and praying. Kyler told his parents he wants to go to KFC and would like to attend church Sunday, they said.

"We'll continue to fight," dad Kirk Bradley said, "and he's definitely a super hero, but my son right here is -- he's been through a lot."

In addition to Friday's homecoming, Kyler's community has been looking to lift his spirits in other ways, too. At his school, Fairfield Intermediate, students and teachers sport "Kyler Strong" T-shirts. A GoFundMe fundraiser has brought in more than $100,000 in two months. Missy Muller, assistant principal at Kyler's school, told the Journal-News that people have donated items like Pokemon cards because Kyler is a fan.