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Road rage incident led to crash, shooting in Brown County, police said

Posted at 7:10 PM, May 03, 2020

ABERDEEN, Ohio — A road rage incident that started in Adams County ended in a crash, fight and shooting in front of the Beverly Hills Inn on US-52 in Brown County, according to police.

Aberdeen police are handling the investigation and said the two drivers crashed into each other before getting out of their cars to physically fight one another. The fight eventually led to a shooting that sent one woman to a nearby hospital. Police said a large amount of narcotics, which they believe to be methamphetamines, were recovered at the scene as well.

"During the struggle, at some point, a female was shot in the arm," said Sgt. Marcus Callahan, with the Aberdeen Police Department.

Police said two men, Kyle Lewis and Daniel Lewis, driving a gold-colored car were trailing a man and a woman in a white SUV. Police said Kyle and Daniel each shot a gun during the struggle, and at least one shot hit the woman in the arm. Emergency crews airlifted her to a nearby hospital where she is expected to survive from the injury.

"The way the accident happened, I mean, they had to be chasing each other down the road here, down 62 or 52," said Brian Smoot, who witnessed the crash and fight. "And bumped each other and pit maneuvered one because they were t-boned up next to each other... Just crazy the way that they're acting and stuff, and fighting and rolling around on the ground and acting crazy, you know."

Police have not identified the woman shot, or the man who was in the car with her.

Both Kyle and Daniel are charged with felonious assault and improperly handling a firearm, and are currently in the Brown County jail. Aberdeen police said they also found roughly four ounces of methamphetamine at the scene.

Callahan said Aberdeen Police are trying to determine what started the incident.

"Taking statements and trying to figure out what exactly started this whole thing and where the large amount of narcotics ties into it," said Callahan.