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Mt. Orab dad beaten with hammer while fighting off home invader

Suspect, Anthony Hollon of Middletown, is on the loose
Posted at 12:46 AM, Feb 08, 2020

MT. ORAB, Ohio — Police are searching for the man accused of beating a Mt. Orab father in the head with a hammer as he fought to protect his young children.

Police said they believe the attacker was Anthony Hollon of Middletown. WCPO 9 News is showing you his picture because there’s a warrant for his arrest.

The dad, Michael Taylor, and his young boys left home for 15 minutes and returned to a nightmare.

Taylor described the frightful encounter.

"I've never heard a scream from my son that comes out like this - 'Daddy, Daddy, Daddy' - and a man comes around the corner of my house, top of my stairs, and he has a hammer in his hands," Taylor said.

"At that point in time I knew … fight or flight, I gotta protect my family."

The intruder was there to rob them as Taylor described it.

"He says, 'Give me your money.' I was like, 'No, get out of my house,’" Taylor said.

That’s when the two struggled.

"Once I got him on the ground, he pulled out a screwdriver,” Taylor said. “Got that away from him. Then he proceeded to hit me in the head, ended up splitting my head open at some point throughout the scuffle."

Taylor said he had one thing on his mind.

"It's my kids. He's standing between me and my kids. As a parent, you're just worried about your kids," he said.

Taylor ended up with multiple staples and knots on his head. The intruder got away with a few low-cost items.

Mt. Orab police Capt. Jason Hahn said the attack was especially disturbing for him.

"I have children and just for them to be exposed to that … it hits home," Hahn said.

Police said they received multiple tips they hope will lead to Hollon.

"That's our main priority - to get this individual off the street," Hahn said.

Taylor’s takeaway?

"Lock your doors. You never know when it's going to happen to you. And protect your kids," he said.

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