Woman stuck in her home after storms destroy bridge

Posted at 5:47 PM, Mar 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-03 21:54:01-05

PETERSBURG, Ky. -- A family has been stuck since storms tore through Boone County this week because the bridge that crosses the creek outside their home was destroyed.

Kathy Shinkle, 66, said the creek has flooded before during the past 45 years she has lived there, but never as badly as Wednesday. The water missed her home, but submerged her propane tanks, destroyed her dog houses and sent a neighbor's car drifting about a half mile, in addition to destroying the bridge. She said she's unable to cross the ruined bridge.

"If you're young, I think you could do it," Shinkle said. "People have been climbing up and down the bridge, but there's no way -- I can barely walk."

Shinkle said that she, her 70-year-old husband and 18-year-old grandson also spent days without heat. 

Replacing the bridge could cost anywhere from $10,000-20,000, according to Shinkle. She said her insurance wasn't helping because they didn't have the right flood insurance.

"My husband is diabetic, he has heart disease, he has COPD," she said. "I have cancer. We have doctors that we have to get to be able to get in and out."

Shinkle's grandson started a Gofundme page. What Shinkle saw warmed her heart, as supporters donated hundreds of dollars in just hours.

"It makes me cry, it really does," she said. "I said, 'be sure to thank them.' I don't know how. But whoever has done that, thank you very much."