This week in Cincinnati history: 70 killed in worst plane crash at CVG

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HEBRON, Ky. – Of five commercial airline disasters at or near Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport, the deadliest killed 70 people during a snowy, cloudy night on Nov. 20, 1967.

Miraculously, twelve people survived after TWA Flight 128 from Los Angeles came in too low from the north and clipped the treetops on the hillside above the Ohio River. It then "bounced" over the hill and hit more trees before crashing in an apple orchard a little more than a mile short of the runway.

WATCH interviews with a witness and a survivor and see the wreckage in the video player above.

Most of the plane broke up but the tail section was intact. The crash happened at 8:57 p.m.

One of the survivors was an infant who was found in a tree.

It was the second airliner to hit the hillside in two years – 58 died when American Airlines Flight 383 from New York City crashed there on Nov. 8, 1965.

After an investigation, the National Transportation Safety Board blamed pilot error for the TWA Flight 128 crash, saying the probable cause was "an attempt by the crew to conduct a night, visual, no glide-slope approach during deteriorating weather conditions without adequate altimeter cross-reference."

On Sunday afternoon, a memorial service is scheduled at the Aviation Memorial Grove:

TWA Flight 128 memorial service
Sunday, Nov. 19, 2017 at 3 p.m.
England-Idlewild Park
5550 Idlewild Road, Burlington

A total of 160 people have died in nine Boone County plane crashes. Another 23 were killed on Air Canada Flight 97 on June 2, 1983. That plane caught fire en route from Dallas to Montreal and made an emergency landing at CVG, where it burst into flames on the runway. The victims died of smoke inhalation.

SEE a history of all the airplane disasters at CVG.

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