PD: Massage parlor was front for prostitution

Posted at 5:00 PM, Apr 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-21 17:00:36-04

FLORENCE, Ky. – An undercover investigation revealed prostitution at a Florence massage parlor, prompting arrests and the retraction of the parlor’s license, according to local officials.

Police arrested three women at A+ Massage, which was located in a strip mall of US-42. They charged two of the women with prostitution and the third with promoting prostitution.

Capt. Tom Grau said police received anonymous tips about the business back in December and they decided to begin an undercover investigation.

“They just go in there like a regular customer, just wanting a massage, and during the course of that they were propositioned by the individuals charged,” Grau said.

When city council members learned of the reported prostitution, they revoked the massage parlor’s occupational license. However, authorities haven’t been able to find the owner yet.

A+ Massage was owned by a corporation called Mool Inc., whose owners are out of state, so there’s not much local officials can do, according to Florence City Attorney Hugh Skees. He said they’re working with the Department of Homeland Security on the issue.

Grau also said the investigation will continue.

“Investigators are going to continue looking to see where that’s going to lead them, as to who the actual owner is and who is really benefiting money-wise from the illegal activity,” Grau said.