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Boone County fundraising for new animal shelter

Boone County animal shelter dog
Posted at 1:01 AM, Nov 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-16 15:56:54-05

BURLINGTON, Ky. — Boone County is raising money for a new animal shelter after officials said Animal Care and Control has "outgrown" its current facility.

"Our building was built in 1979, and was built to temporarily house animals for a very short-term stay," Animal Care and Control Director Colleen Bray said.

Animal Arts, a consulting firm focused on animal sheltering, said in its review of the facility that it does not meet requirements for handicapped accessibility, has poor traffic flow and is "stressful for the animals."

"While the staff members and volunteers are working hard, the building itself works against them," Animal Arts said.

The county's goal is not to house more animals, but better house the animals they have. A new facility would bring changes like modern ventilation and sanitation systems.

"Our ventilation system was very...outdated, as well as the sewer system and drainage, so updating those will provide a more sanitary condition and provide a better environment for the animals that are in our care," Bray said.

Additionally, they are hoping to double size of the facility – creating a larger medical area to care for animals and allowing more space for in-take adoptions and observations. Pet owner Claudia Dickman, a frequent visitor, said the new changes could help reunite some families as well.

"I think it would be awesome, and the one thing I want when they get a new one is that I can bring a dog in if it has a chip, [and] I can take it back to the owner...they don't allow that right now," Dickman said.

Building a more modern facility will cost the county $6 million. While Boone County has raised $5.2 million through donations, it is accepting donations from the public to hit its goal. The county partnered with Horizon Community Fund as the 501(c)(3) partner receiving funds. Anyone who wants to donate online can do so by visiting their website and designated the donation to "Boone County Animal Shelter."