Boone County deputy involved in shooting death of Samantha Ramsey sued again

Tyler Brockman accused of false arrest
Posted at 3:02 PM, Sep 13, 2016
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FLORENCE, Ky. -- The Boone County sheriff's deputy sued by the family of Samantha Ramsey is now at the center of a false arrest lawsuit.

Melissa and Donald Covington are suing Boone County Deputy Tyler Brockman and other deputies "for falsely arresting (them) at their own home," according to the couple's attorney, Al Gerhardstein.

The deputies arrested the Covingtons in February after entering the home to serve a warrant on the couple's son for unpaid fines, Gerhardstein said. When Melissa Covington asked questions about the warrant, the deputies "grabbed her and arrested her," the attorney said.

"When (Donald) asked why the deputies were arresting his wife, they grabbed him, pulled him out of his home, and arrested him in his underwear," Gerhardstein said. "It was a cold night and they refused to allow him to get dressed before taking him to jail."

The deputies later charged Melissa and Donald with disorderly conduct.

Gerhardstein argued that the Covingtons were not in public when they were arrested for disorderly conduct, nor did they disturb any neighbors.

"Melissa and Donald spent a sleepless night in jail and had many more sleepless nights worrying about the implications of the arrests on their lives," the attorney said.

Brockman is also being sued by the family of 19-year-old Samantha Ramsey. Brockman shot and killed Ramsey while she was leaving a party in April 2014.

According to the lawsuit filed in federal court, Ramsey was driving a car with three friends inside. They decided to leave the party just after 2 a.m. The suit states Ramsey slowly exited the field when Brockman jumped onto the hood of her vehicle, demanding her to stop.

According to the lawsuit, Ramsey was stopping the car, but Brockman fired four gunshots through the windshield, which killed Ramsey and scared her passengers.

Gerhardstein is also representing Ramsey's family in this case.

“This deputy was not indicted or disciplined. He was wrong to jump onto the car; wrong to shoot while Samantha was slowing down; and wrong to shoot at this young lady at all before he jumped back off the hood. Samantha’s shooting and death was completely unnecessary and avoidable," Gerhardstein said in the lawsuit.

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According to an evidence report from November 2014, Ramsey was intoxicated while she was behind the wheel.

Ramsey had a blood alcohol content of .12 when Brockman killed her, according to the report. It also states Brockman's right boot had tire marks and his foot was bruised from Ramsey's vehicle.

Brockman wrote a three-page statement to his supervisor in May 2014. He described being "face to face" with Ramsey as he was lying on the hood of her moving car, holding on with one hand.

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Referring to himself in third person, Brockman said he "knew the operator, Ramsey, was about to kill him" after she hit him, "causing him to jump on the hood." He said he ordered her to stop and he felt the car picking up speed.

"The shots were fired not only to save (my) life but also the pedestrians walking on the road and the officers currently just down the road initiating other arrests," Brockman wrote.

The suit state's Ramsey's passengers exited the car, afraid of being shot, and Brockman held them at gunpoint. Ramsey was conscious for a short period, but died later that night, according to the suit.

A grand jury decided to not bring charges against Brockman in Ramsey's death.

“Tyler Brockman’s erratic behavior on the night he shot Samantha Ramsey was again on display when he arrested Melissa and Donald Covington for no apparent reason,” Gerhardstein said.

Reporter Evan Millward contributed to this report.