Evidence report: Samantha Ramsey was intoxicated, ran over deputy's foot before he fatally shot her

Grand jury not charging deputy

BURLINGTON, Ky. -- Samantha Ramsey was intoxicated, on marijuana and ran over a Boone County deputy's foot before he fatally shot her last April, according to evidence released Friday.

A grand jury did not bring criminal charges against Deputy Tyler Brockman, who killed the 19-year-old as she drove away from a field party.

The evidence report released by authorities Friday shows Ramsey had a blood alcohol content of .12 when Brockman killed her. It also states Brockman's right boot had tire marks and his foot was bruised from Ramsey's vehicle.

The tip of Deputy Brockman's boot

Bruises on Deputy Brockman's right foot

Commonwealth Attorney Linda Tally Smith announced the decision not to press charges Thursday. She said the Boone County grand jury heard evidence from multiple witnesses for more than seven hours.

READ Smith's full statement here or below.

Brandi Stewart, Ramsey's mother, said she was upset with the grand jury's decision and has provided authorities "every opportunity to fulfill their promise of fairness and justice" for her daughter.

"More than six months after my daughter was shot to death by Deputy Brockman, the only thing I know for sure is that he will not answer for his actions and that in Boone County, you cannot indict a deputy for shooting an unarmed 19-year-old girl four times in front of numerous witnesses," Stewart said.

Stewart said she heard about her daughter's death from the media, and not from the Boone County Sheriff's Department.

She said she also learned from the media -- not the special prosecutor's office or authorities -- that a grand jury brought no charges against Brockman.

"The community's concerns regarding the Boone County Sheriff investigating one of its own deputies have been confirmed," Stewart said. "This investigation should have immediately been turned over to another police agency."

READ Stewart's full statement here or below.

Brockman's attorneys claimed that he had been "vilified based on speculation and incorrect information."

"Deputy Brockman was faced with a life and death situation that demanded a decision no law enforcement officer ever wants to make," his attorneys said in a statement.

Brockman "sincerely regrets the loss the Ramsey family has suffered," they said.

READ attorneys' statement here.

Brockman's cruiser cam caught the events leading up to the shooting but not the shooting itself.

The video shows Ramsey's car turning and driving past Brockman's cruiser, but then the car goes out of camera view. It does not show if the car hit Brockman, as he claims, or Brockman firing the four shots that killed Ramsey.

WATCH the cruiser cam video in the player above.

Brockman, 28 at the time, shot Ramsey as she and others left a field party attended by scores of underage drinkers about 2 a.m. on April 26, the sheriff's office said. Brockman was investigating at the scene in the 6000 block of River Road near Hebron after getting reports from partiers.

In a three-page statement to his supervisor, Brockman said he was standing in the roadway when Ramsey drove her car into the intersection. He waved his flashlight at her to stop, but she stepped on the gas and hit him, causing him to jump on the hood of her car, he said.

Brockman said he feared she would kill him and other officers and pedestrians along the road.

He fired four shots through the windshield at point-blank range. 

One of Ramsey's three passengers and a bystander disputed Brockman's account and questioned his use of deadly force.

At the time, the attorney for Ramsey's family, Gary Franke, called the death of the Holmes High grad "brutal" and "needless." 

Special prosecutor James M. Crawford presented the case to the grand jury. By law, grand jury proceeding are secret and no one is permitted to comment about what happened.

The Boone County Sheriff's Department conducted the investigation. The sheriff's office asked Kentucky State Police to do it, but they declined.

An independent panel of investigators reviewed the investigation, Smith said.

In his statement to his supervisor, Brockman, a Boone County deputy since 2010, described being "face to face" with Ramsey as he was lying on the hood of her moving car and holding on with one hand.

Referring to himself in third person, Brockman said he "knew the operator, Samantha Ramsey, was about to kill him" after she hit him, "causing him to jump on the hood." He said he ordered her to stop and he felt the car picking up speed.

"The shots were fired not only to save his life but also the pedestrians walking on the road and the officers currently just down the road initiating other arrests," Brockman said.

One of Ramsey's passengers described it differently.

"We saw three cars, so we thought we could go pass," said Bobby Turner, who was in the backseat behind Ramsey when she was shot. "The officer was talking to somebody else. We was listening to music in the car. We didn't know the police was talking to us… I just saw him jump on the hood and start shooting.”

From his perspective across the street, Josh Pitts of Covington said it appeared Brockman leapt onto Ramsey’s vehicle.

"As she was trying to make a turn and leave the party, he jumped on the car and pulled his gun out and shot four times through the window and hit the girl," Pitts said.

Pitts said it looked like Ramsey might have panicked during the confrontation.

Brockman said he fell off the car and thought his foot and leg were broken.

The sheriff's office did not report that Brockman suffered any broken bones.

Here is the full account by Brockman:

"Deputy Brockman flashed his flashlight in the direction of the driver and made visual contact with the female. The operator looked at Deputy Brockman in a very lethargic action, with glassy, watery eyes, then looked back at the road. The vehicle and Deputy Brockman managed to meet and Deputy Brockman began knocking on the window and asking the operator to lower her window.

"At this point the vehicle began to slow, and then speed up, as if trying to decide what to do. Deputy Brockman began back peddling (sic) so as not to get blocked or trapped by his cruiser. The female looked at Deputy Brockman, looked back at the road, looked at Deputy in yet again a very lethargic manner and then one final time back to the road. This is when she punched the gas and made a left turn, striking Deputy Brockman and causing him to jump, to avoid from being run over and killed. Deputy landing on the hood of the car after this occurrence.

"Deputy Brockman was holding the hood with his left hand yelling for the Driver for stop. Deputy also heard nearby pedestrians pleading for the operator to just stop the vehicle.

"Deputy Brockman then heard the RPMs of the car begin to rise, felt the wind picking up on his back, and noticed the car was picking up speed. At this point Deputy Brockman knew the operator, Samantha Ramsey, was about to kill him.

"Deputy Brockman in reaction to the deadly force brought against him drew his Glock 22 Service weapon and fired what he believed to be 3 shots (turned out to be 4) through the driver window. Deputy Brockman was face to face with the female as he was on the hood, and the side of the window where the female was looking out."


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