9 places ripe for redevelopment in 2018

Spoiler alert: The urban core is still red hot
9 places ripe for redevelopment in 2018
Posted at 6:00 AM, Jan 05, 2018

Last year was a banner year for Greater Cincinnati’s woebegone urban core that had suffered through decades of decline and blight before a five-plus-year resurgence. 

The streak will continue into 2018, primed to accelerate in neighborhoods further from Downtown. 

Developers and planners had their confidence shaken by House Republicans who stripped two key rehab tax credits from their proposed tax reform bill. 

But Senate Republicans restored the credits and preserved them in negotiations with House Republicans over the final version of the tax bill. 

We took a look at nine places where revitalization should be strong in 2018. 

9 areas ripe for redevelopment in 2018
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