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Ohio lawmakers pushing to fix error that could ban some guns

Posted at 10:08 AM, Feb 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-22 10:08:29-05

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — State lawmakers are moving quickly to fix a mistake in an Ohio bill that gun rights advocates say could inadvertently ban several types of legal guns.

At issue is legislation approved by lawmakers last year that allows off-duty police officers to carry firearms and limits local governments' ability to pass gun laws, among other changes.

Gun advocates say a misplaced paragraph in the bill unintentionally lumped a variety of long guns into a prohibited category. They say lawmakers should fix the problem before the law takes effect in late March.

Bills to address the error have been introduced by state Sen. Kristina Roegner, a Republican from suburban Akron, and Rep. Phil Plummer, a Dayton Republican and a former Montgomery County sheriff.