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Deal calls for Sharonville Police Chief Aaron Blasky to resign after personnel investigation

Posted at 5:29 PM, Nov 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-15 10:38:08-05

SHARONVILLE, Ohio -- Sharonville Police Chief Aaron Blasky will resign Dec. 1, after spending three months on paid leave amid a personnel investigation.

That's according to terms of a deal the I-Team obtained Tuesday.

Blasky hasn't signed the resignation agreement yet; but, Sharonville City Council unanimously approved it Tuesday night.

The city hired Thomas Allen, with the law firm Frost, Brown, Todd, to investigate allegations against Blasky and recommend how he should be punished.

But Mayor Kevin Hardman said Blasky approached Allen before it got to that point, and they reached an agreement for Blasky to resign.

That also means Allen never finished his investigation.

The city put Blasky on paid administrative leave Sept. 6. City officials haven't disclosed why, only saying it involved "internal personnel matters." 

None of the allegations were about criminal activity or inappropriate conduct with the public, Hardman said.

Among terms of the deal:

  • Blasky will remain on paid leave until Friday, then go on vacation time until his resignation takes effect Dec. 1.
  • He can't appeal his resignation.
  • He can't get another job with Sharonville.
  • He can't talk publicly about his employment with the city.

Hardman said the agreement saves the city from a potentially drawn-out, expensive disciplinary process and lets the police department move forward.

In Sharonville, police chief is a civil service position. Once Blasky signs the deal, the city's civil service commission will open up testing to lieutenants who want the job. If only one lieutenant is interested, Hardman said the city would open up testing to sergeants.