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Election results arriving for Ohio, Indiana primaries

RECAP: Ohio primary election coverage
Posted at 12:29 PM, May 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-07 20:17:40-04

Polls are closed now for primary elections in Ohio and Indiana. There were no statewide issues on the May 7 ballot in either state, but local communities made calls on a number of levies, school bonds and city races.

Check out our up-to-the-minute list of election results here.

The Hamilton County Board of Elections will display its new voting equipment Tuesday, according to a news release, in which voters continue to cast votes using paper ballots. Voters then feed the ballots into a scanner at their polling location. The technology used to tabulate votes "will be the most up-to-date technology available in the United States," the release said.

What was everyone voting for?

Some Tri-State voters will helped narrow down the field in a number of mayoral and city council races ahead of the general election. Voters in Lockland and Milford havehad school bonds to consider.


In Butler County:

  • Ross Schools Income Tax

In Clermont County:

  • Milford School Bond

In Clinton County:

  • Wilmington Mayor GOP

In Hamilton County:

  • Sharonville Council 4th Ward GOP
  • Lockland School Bond
  • Little Miami Fire Levy
  • Springdale Income Tax
  • Milford School Bond

In Highland County:

  • Bright School Levy
  • Highland Co. Health Levy
  • Greenfield Income Tax

In Warren County:

  • Wayne Twp. Zoning
  • Bellbrook Sugarcreek Levy
  • Clinton Massie Income Tax
  • Lebanon School Levy


In Dearborn County:

  • Aurora Mayor GOP
  • Aurora Mayor Dem
  • Lawrenceburg Mayor GOP
  • Lawrenceburg Mayor Dem
  • Lawrenceburg Council At-large GOP
  • Lawrenceburg Council Dist. 1 GOP
  • Lawrenceburg Council Dist. 1 Dem
  • Lawrenceburg Council Dist. 2 Dem
  • Lawrenceburg Council Dist. 3 Dem
  • Lawrenceburg Council Dist. 4 Dem
  • Greendale Council Dist. 1 GOP
  • Greendale Council Dist. 1 Dem