President Donald Trump addresses crowds at two Ohio stops Monday evening

Remarks on jobs, economy and Little Miami football players
Posted at 5:29 PM, Sep 21, 2020

VANDALIA, Ohio — President Donald Trump visited Vandalia, Ohio, on Monday as part of his "Fighting for the American Worker" campaign on Monday evening. The president also spoke to supporters in Swanton, Ohio near Toledo later Monday night.

"We want workers," the president said during remarks to a crowd gathered inside a hangar at Dayton International Airport. "Forty-three days from now, we’re going to win this state. We are going to win four more years in the White House."

While visiting the battleground state, Trump made it clear he's gearing up for a fight this November, hoping the promise of jobs will help secure votes for a second term in an area once hit hard by economic downturn.

"Steel plants are opening or being upgraded in Toledo, Marian, Cuyahoga Heights" and others, Trump said.

Trump also renewed a promise he made earlier Monday to choose a woman to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court left by the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

"I have five that we are vetting right now," he said. "It will be a brilliant person. It will be a woman. It will be a woman. And we are looking forward to it and we’ll probably announce it on Saturday, maybe Friday, but Saturday, and it's a big day for our country."

And at his later stop in Swanton, Trump brought two Little Miami football players on stage who had been suspended from their team for carrying "Thin Red Line" and "Thin Blue Line" flags on-field during pregame ceremonies on Sept. 11.

"Thank you for supporting the heroes and our law enforcement. We all love you. I'm telling they, they were -- you really set something up that’s incredible, and thank you, parents, for letting you do it," Trump told both students.

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During the stop in Vandalia, Trump also took aim at his Democratic opponent, Vice President Joe Biden, on China, the American economy and recent social unrest.

"The workers of America will never forget Biden's economic treachery, he said. "They will remember in November."

"When we win the election, you're gonna see (the economy) roar, because that's what people want. That's what the market wants, and that's what the workers want," the president continued.

Trump also touted his negotiating tactics with other countries and the strength of the U.S. military.

"We have weapons the likes of which nobody's ever seen before," he said. "Hope to God we don't have to use them. Nobody has them. Not China, not Russia, nobody in the world."

Biden made a campaign stop of his own in Manitowoc, Wisconsin on Monday, during which he accused Trump of only having the best interest of his supporters in mind. Just days after Trump held a rally there, Biden spoke about the COVID-19 pandemic as the country’s death toll approaches 200,000.

But in Ohio, Trump extended a main promise to the Midwest and America, largely the same promise he made four years ago.

"Together, we will make America safer. We will make America stronger and prouder and greater than ever before," the president said.

Watch a replay of the president's stop in Vandalia in the player below:

President delivers remarks on Supreme Court, economy, election

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