St. Joseph Orphanage gets free security upgrades

St. Joseph Orphanage Security
Posted at 3:13 PM, Jun 07, 2019

GREEN TOWNSHIP, Ohio — The staff, students and children at St. Joseph Orphanage can feel safer after a security company donated time and resources to upgrade the school’s security system.

Convergint Technologies employees volunteered to install cameras and conduct security audits as part of the company’s STEP Up initiative to help strengthen security in schools.

“It’s just so important that someone in the security department can have a set of eyes 24 hours a day,” said general manager Steve McCarthy. “And that’s our goal today — to try and make sure the entire campus is covered and they can keep a good eye on the children all the time.”

St. Joseph’s Orphanage communication specialist Carrie Allison said safety is a top concern.

“Everyone has a heightened awareness of the importance of school safety,” she said. “We want to do everything we possibly can to protect our students and staff.”

St. Joseph Orphanage serves foster children and families as well as students with mental health or severe behavioral problems.

“Many of the students we work with have experienced trauma in some form so we want to be sure to create a safe environment for them where they can experience healing and learn in a reassuring and safe environment,” Allison said.

Convergint crews visited St. Josephs a few weeks ago and found several cameras in need of repair. They returned Friday to replace 25 of the school’s 96 cameras.

“Having this kind of work done on our campus does give us a sense of relief,” Allison said. “We know that our building will be safe, that our students will be safe, that our staff will be safe.”

Convergint Technologies works with about 25 underserved schools as part of its STEP Up initiative which is in its 18th year.