Witness says she saw Rico Mosley shooting amid hail of bullets that killed Kelsie Crow

Posted at 6:46 PM, Aug 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-21 19:40:29-04

CINCINNATI – Three days into testimony, a teenage girl identified Rico Mosley as one of the shooters outside the Sweet 16 party when Kelsie Crow was killed two years ago.

The witness didn’t want to be filmed or identified out of fear of retaliation – Judge Patrick Foley III said he was aware of threats against witnesses - but she put Mosley, now 20, at the scene and identified him as one of the men who may have shot the 17-year-old honor student when rival gang members opened fire on each other.

Officer Kathy Newsome of Cincinnati Police Criminal Investigations showed crime scene photos, including Crow’s car door “with glass and blood.” Previous witnesses said Crow slumped over the steering wheel after she was shot trying to drive away from the Melrose YMCA in Walnut Hills.

As the prosecution presented evidence piece by piece, the jury learned at least two different shell casings were collected from the shooting scene that April 2015 night— 9 mm and 32 caliber. Police previously said they discovered 60 shell casings fired by four or five guns.

“Right here is a bullet hole through the trunk," Newsome said about another photo.

A second witness testified that she saw another shooter who goes by TK. She said the shooting could have been the result of a feud between two gangs.

Mosley’s attorney claims the police don’t have any evidence – no gun, no DNA – to prove that Mosley shot Crow.

Mosley is charged with murder and could go to prison for life if convicted. Mosley's uncle, Stephon Pryor, told WCPO that Mosley turned down a plea deal that carried a 13-year sentence.

The trial continues Tuesday.