These fake designer watches could have sold for $9.6 million

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Posted at 11:17 AM, Dec 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-16 11:17:42-05

Customs agents in Cincinnati last week seized two shipments of counterfeit designer jewelry that, if real, would have been worth $9.6 million.

According to a news release from a local Customs and Border Protection spokesman, the shipments both came from China and were destined for private homes in Georgia and Florida.

One contained 171 watches and pieces of jewelry labeled with counterfeited brand names such as Versace, Dior, Bulgari and Hugo Boss. The items were replicas of real pieces that would have sold for a combined total of more than $8.4 million.

The other contained 113 fake Cartier bracelets. If these had been genuine, they would have been worth around $1.17 million.