PD: Couple's drunken argument in Dayton, Kentucky, turns to SWAT situation

DAYTON, Ky. -- An armed standoff that started around 11 p.m. Sunday came to a peaceful end three hours later as 56-year-old Beth Finch surrendered to a SWAT team.

Officers responded to 411 Kenton Ave. after 38-year-old James Hill told 911 he was in a heated domestic dispute with Finch, his girlfriend. Hill said they both had been drinking, and he claimed Finch pointed a .380-caliber handgun at him and shot off a round inside the house. 

Hill escaped the residence, but Finch remained inside and refused to answer numerous attempts by police and 911 dispatchers. The Kenton County SWAT team administered gas into the home, finally flushing Finch out unarmed. She was charged with wanton endangerment.

Hill was also arrested and charged with alcohol intoxication in a public place.

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